How to Save Money on Jenny Craig Weekly Food Costs

Weekly food costs on the Jenny Craig program can be high, especially in the beginning when it's important to adhere strictly to the diet. Think outside the box and save on your Jenny Craig food purchases by replacing a few of the menu items and condiments with items from the supermarket. Let your consultant know you need flexibility with menu planning. You can implement other items as long as you keep track of caloric values, portions and list all items on the weekly menu planner.

Purchase "extras" only if necessary. Jenny Craig offers several optional items for sale. Although your consultant may try to persuade you to buy Jenny Craig vitamins and anytime bars, you are the one ultimately in charge of your purchases.

Check for similar condiments at the supermarket. Jenny Craig condiments include a few salad dressings and syrup for the French toast. An abundance of low-calorie, fat-free dressings and low-calorie syrups exist on the market; the advantage of Jenny Craig condiments is they're pre-measured and packaged for a single serving. Use a measuring spoon so you can track your calories and portions on your menu planner, using the less expensive condiments from your local supermarket.

Replace snacks and breakfast bars with comparable items. Most Jenny Craig desserts and snack treats are between 100 and 150 calories and low in fat. You can purchase several similar treats at the grocery store. Look in the cookie and cracker aisle for pre-packaged 100-calorie, single-serving cookies or crackers.

Stick with your plan and meet your goals in a timely fashion. When you approach or meet your weight-loss goals, your consultant will help you plan menus on your own. Relying less on Jenny Craig meals will save you money.