Safety 1st Thermometer Instructions

Safety 1st is a company that sells all sorts of safe products for families with infants and small children. On its website (see Resources), you can find bath products, booster seats, high chairs, training potties and, of course, thermometers. The company offers a large variety of thermometers--oral, underarm and rectal. There's even an ear thermometer that looks like an elephant and a Safety 1st thermometer that looks like a pacifier. It is fairly easy to get instructions for these thermometers according to which Safety 1st instrument you have purchased.

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Safety 1st Thermometer Instructions

Go to the Safety 1st website (see Resources). Under customer care, you can click "Download Product Instructions," and you will be taken to a screen where you can enter product information.

Find your Safety 1st Thermometer and have it available. Locate the product number and manufacture date. If you no longer have your packaging or you cannot find the number on your product, then you will not be able to use the Customer Care part of the website to find Safety 1st thermometer instructions. You may have to call customer service for help.

Look on the website under the Child Care products and click on thermometers. Find the thermometer you purchased. For example, if you purchased the Accu-Soothe Ear Thermometer, which looks like an elephant, then the product information may list some of the instructions you are looking for.

Call or email Safety 1st with a request for new instructions. Explain that you are missing your Safety 1st thermometer packaging or that you are having trouble locating the product number and manufacture date, and you cannot download the instructions from the website. (See Tips for email and phone number).

Leave a question on a website such as The User Manual site (see Resources) and see if another parent has a manual or can help you answer your questions. For example, parents will ask questions such as, "How do you change Fahrenheit to Celsius?" "How do you change the batteries in this model?" Websites with information exchange can often help you with Safety 1st Thermometer instructions.


Call Safety 1st Customer Service at (800) 544-1108, or email your comment using the form at