How to Get Rid of Urine Odor

Does your urine smell bad? Urine odor can be stopped by ridding the cause of your urine smelling badly. Many people experience a foul smell when they urinate and they are not sure why. This article will give you steps to take to diagnose the problems causing bad smelling urine. Avoiding different types of food and medication will help stop the urine smell. Following a healthy lifestyle that is mentioned below will help get rid of foul urine odor.

Dilute your urine. Many people do not drink enough water. Dilute your urine by drinking plenty of water. Normal diluted urine usually has no smell and is fairly clear in color. Being dehydrated is one main reason why people experience foul urine odors.

Avoid eating asparagus. Eating asparagus can result in a strong ammonia smell. Although Asparagus is good for you, it may make your urine smell badly.

Avoid too many vitamin supplements. Certain vitamins such as B6 can cause your urine to smell badly. Don't over do it on your vitamins, too many can be unhealthy for you.

Visit your Dr. If you are experiencing back pains, chills and fever with your Urine Odor, you need to visit your Dr. Many people can have liver, kidney or bladder infections that cause urine odor. Urinary tract infections make your urine have a foul smell. Liver disease will make your urine have a musty smell. People with diabetes may have a sweet smell to their urine.


Finding the cause for the bad urine smell will help you rid it. Drink plenty of water and have regular Dr. checkups.