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How to Get Rid of Nervous Tics

According to The Great Plains Laboratory, about one out of 100 people have some form of nervous tics, from what is often called Tics Disorder or from disorders like Tourette's Syndrome. Tics can have any of several causes, from genetics to medication, but there are measures that sufferers can take to get rid of their nervous tics and lead a more normal life.

Study relaxation methods. Relaxation is a great way to decrease nervous tics. Many nervous tics are related to stress or anxiety 1. Relaxation through yoga, deep breathing exercises or simple relaxing techniques can help relieve stress and minimize anxiety over time.

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Work on changing habits. Nervous tics can be the result of long term habits 2. When a person has a habit of tugging on her ear when she's shy or nervous, it can become a nervous tic later. Changing the habit can be an excellent way to get rid of the tics that come with nervousness in any situation. This is a conscious decision not to allow nervousness to lead to the action.

Take a multivitamin. Some nervous tics are caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, such as not getting enough magnesium in the diet. A multivitamin can help by giving an added amount of essential vitamins and minerals.

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Talk to a doctor about a different medication. When medication is the cause, the only way to get rid of the nervous tics is to get off the medication. For some problems, getting off the medication is not always an option, but a doctor can lower the dosage or prescribe a different medication. Sometimes taking a new medication or cutting back on the dosage will eliminate the tics.

Talk to a counselor or psychologist. For nervous tics that are related to anxiety, nervous feelings or other emotions, a psychologist or counselor can often help. Speaking about the stresses and problems in life can minimize stress and sometimes will get rid of the tics.