How to Get Rid of Frog Noises at Night Images

The song of frogs may be music to your ears, or cacophony. You can hear it as the herald of spring or the death knoll of peaceful sleep. If the crooning is keeping you up at night and seriously threatening your mental health, you may need to eliminate the noise by eliminating the source. On the other hand, frogs consume vast quantities of bothersome insects. If your intent is stress-free nights and not extermination, there are ways that can be accomplished.

Eliminate The Food Source Images

Apply pesticides to gardens, plants, and lawns. Banish insects to diminish the food supply. Don't use toxic chemicals because they are harmful to children, pets, and other friendly creatures.

Treat the inside of your house with insect repellents to eliminate flies and mosquitoes. Frogs will come in your home if they know a meal can be had inside. Images

Mow the lawn regularly. Keep grass short to impede insect infestation.

Remove pet food from outside. You don't want to supply the frogs with a free meal.

Alter The Environment

Clean out wood piles and brush. Frogs love dark and moist places.

Throw away containers, tires, wheelbarrows, and children's swimming pools where water can accumulate and stagnate. Still water is an invitation to frogs and insects.

Erect a net screen, two feet or higher, around gardens. Bury it at least six feet deep so frogs cannot get under it.

Keep water moving in garden pools. Put fish in ponds as frogs won't breed where fish are present. Remove plants from pool and pond areas

Turn off outdoor lights near the house. Consider removing bright lights from around the swimming pool.

Employ Deterrents

Scatter moth balls around the perimeter of the yard. The naphthalene in them is an irritant to frogs. Be aware that moth balls can be toxic to pets who might decide to eat them.

Water early in the morning. This will avoid stimulating the frogs at night, when you want to sleep.

Mix up a salt water solution. Spray it where frogs gather. When they step on it, their toes will get burned.

Create a solution of 1.3 pounds citric acid and one gallon of water. Sprinkle in an area where frogs congregate. Direct exposure will kill but hopping through it will only cause discomfort.

Relocate Images

Take a bucket and stick. Listen for chirping to find the frogs. Flip them into the bucket and move to a vacant lot or river bank some distance away. Images

Recruit the kids to capture the frogs. Pay a nickel for each one they snare.

Bring in natural predators like turtles and snakes. They will happily eat the frogs for you.

Live With It

Purchase ear plugs or wave machine to drown out the noise.

Build pools away from the house. Images

Buy a Goliath bullfrog. They lack vocal sacs so are virtually mute and they eat smaller frogs.

Take time to get accustomed to the sound. Like living near railroad tracks, eventually, the noise stops bothering you. After all, frogs only sing during breeding times.