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How to Get Rid of Dark Pores on Legs

By David Rodock ; Updated July 27, 2017

When you shave any area of the body, dark pores can appear on the skin if the root is not properly removed. This can be caused by a dull razor not completely removing the follicle or by the hair root getting caught under dead skin. These ingrown hairs are unsightly, but can be removed with proper shaving equipment and technique.

  1. Remove unwanted hair from the desired areas by shaving with a new razor or by waxing. If shaving, make sure to use soap and water or a moisturizer to minimize cuts and rashes. After each stroke, wipe the excess body hair from the razor to ensure that each stroke is close and comfortable.

  2. Mix one tablespoon of sugar or sea salt with acne body wash to create a soap with a thicker consistency that will open skin pores easily.

  3. Use the loofah, sponge or cloth to massage the affected areas thoroughly. Rub the legs using a circular motion, beginning at the ankles and working up toward the thighs.

  4. Use baby oil or body lotion with aloe vera on the legs immediately after scrubbing excess hair away while your pores are open and the skin is still warm. Spend additional time exfoliating on areas such as the knees and ankles that tend to dry out quickly.

  5. Tip

    Treatments should be continued regularly before results can occur. Give the product at least a month of use before switching to another product. Stop use and speak with a dermatologist if skin becomes irritated during the use of any particular product.


    Procedures such as microdermabrasions, chemical peels or laser surgery should be carried out by professionals. Always make sure the skin is properly moisturized before shaving to minimize cuts.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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