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How to Get Rid of Cankles

By braniac

What are cankles? Is this the new H1N1 pandemic? A new form of Swine Flu? Cankles have been featured on Oprah, the Today's Show, and CNN. Cankles are quickly becoming the number one pop culture physical affliction to plague humanity everywhere. Not really!! The cankles definition in the Urban Dictionary is "the area in affected females where the calf meets the foot." Gold's Gym has even designated certain months as the Say No to Cankles Month! www.saynotocankles.com Gold's Gym definition of cankles states that cankles occur "when the calf merges with an obese or swollen ankle." While there is no one spot reduction plan or specific diet which will cure cankles, there are still some easy ways to get rid of the dreaded cankles. Consult a physician before starting any diet, fitness, or exercise program. (It is important to note that swollen ankles or legs could be the sign of a medical condition.)

Diet can affect the size of cankles. A diet rich in sodium can cause water retention in ankles and legs. Reduce the amount of processed food. Develop a healthy eating plan low in sodium, low in calories, sugar and fat. Drink at least 8-8oz. glasses of water, especially if working out or in summer months.

Sculpting the shape of the calf can help to make ankles look thinner. This can be accomplished by doing calf raises. Stand behind a chair with hands on back of chair for support. Move up and down on your tip toes, doing 25-30 reps building up to 3-5 sets of each. Weights can also be added to reps of calf raises as tolerated.

Walking as a fitness routine can improve over all health and result in weight loss. Weight loss can also give the appearance of smaller calf size. Brisk walking at least 3-5 times a week for 30-60 minutes can help in weight reduction. Walking combined with stretching, jumping, lunges and pilates can also help with unsightly cankles!

Wearing clothing which camouflages cankles can make them appear smaller. Avoid tight fitting clothing- especially skinny jeans! Resist wearing shoes and heels with ankle straps. Try wearing wedges and platform sandals to disguise cankles. Say no to ankle boots!

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