How to Replace an Oral B Brush Head

Electric toothbrushes, like those produced by Oral-B, give you a deep clean with minimal effort. However, over time, your brush heads will clean less effectively and will need replacing. According to the American Dental Association, your brush heads need replacing every three months 1. Removing and replacing an electric brush head regularly will head keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Wash and dry your hands before handling your new toothbrush.

Press the quick-release switch on your Oral-B brush 1. This will look like a flat switch. It may be blue or white.

Pull off the old brush head while pressing the quick-release switch.

Take the new brush head from the packaging.

Line up the nodes on the bottom of the brush head stem with the empty sockets in the base.

Press the two together to snap them into place.

Power on the Oral-B brush and test it to ensure it is working properly 1. Throw the old head away. You may wish to change your brush batteries while you are at it 1.