How to Remove a Wedding Band Indentation

Wearing a wedding band every day for many years can actually create a small indentation in your ring finger 1. Most people don't realize it, until they remove the ring one day to find a ring-shaped band. Unfortunately, there's no quick fix for removing a wedding band indentation, and for most people, the only way to make an indentation go away is to wait it out 1. Eventually, depending on how long you've worn the ring, your finger will return to normal.

Remove the ring. If it's tightly on your finger, try oil, window cleaner or another lubricant to get it off.

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Massage your ring finger gently as soon as the ring comes off to work some of the blood back into the indentation 1.

Soak your finger in hot water. Hot water helps the blood vessels that have been constricted by the ring to expand and return to normal.

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Massage your finger every night with a gentle hand lotion. Hand lotion helps moisturize your skin, removing the dead skin that may have built up around the ring.

Allow time for the indentation to go away. If you wore your ring every day for numerous years, don't expect the indentation to disappear overnight 1. Eventually, given enough time, the indentation will go away and your finger will look as it did before you wore it.