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How to Remove Shoe Goo

By Cheryl Torrie

Uncured Shoe Goo

Step 1

Dampen a clean dry cloth with a small amount of acetone.

Step 2

Rub the acetone dampened cloth over the Shoe Goo. Wait five minutes while the acetone is absorbed by the adhesive.

Step 3

Rub the shoe glue off with a paper towel. The Shoe Goo will ball up and brush off, onto the paper towel.

Cured Shoe Goo

Step 1

Insert the edge of a paint scraper between the spilled Shoe Goo and the surface you want to remove it from.

Step 2

Gently exert pressure on the paint scrapper until the adhesive is separated from the surface, then lift up on the scrapper.

Step 3

Insert the edge of a fine razor blade between any remaining Shoe Goo and the surface and gently lift away any of it remaining on the surface.

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