How to Remove New-Skin Liquid Bandage

A liquid bandage is a topical skin treatment for minor cuts, scrapes and blisters 1. The product cleans the wound and forms a waterproof and flexible barrier, protecting your wound from dirt and germs. New-Skin, a product created by MedTech, contains oil of cloves to clean the wound and help stop minor pain. New-Skin is applied with a brush or spray and can be used during the entire duration of your wound. As your wound heals, the bandage might begin to slough off. Removing a New-Skin bandage is easy and often painless.

Apply a new layer of New-Skin, and quickly wipe off the bandage with a soft cloth. The new layer adheres to the old layer, making removal possible.

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Use a small amount of fingernail polish remover with a cotton swab. Fingernail polish remover dissolves the liquid bandage. Gently wipe the area with a small cloth, and be careful not to get the polish remover in your wound.

Apply baby oil or mineral oil to the New-Skin Liquid Bandage using a cotton ball 1. Wait one minute, and then wash the entire area with soap and water. The oil will loosen the bond between your skin and the bandage.