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How to Remove Bra Strap Marks

When one goes to change and notices unsightly bra marks, they can become quite an issue. It can be a big problem if you want to wear a strapless dress that same evening. The good news is that there are some easy things you can do to help remove bra strap marks. Better yet, you can remove them with items you likely have in you home right now.

Remove your bra a soon as possible to help remove the bra strap marks on your back and shoulders. Wearing your bra longer than necessary will only worsen the marks. Allow your skin time to recuperate from the pressing and pulling of the bra straps.

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Take a long, hot shower to help remove bra strap marks from your body. Let the hot water run down over your shoulder and back. Use an exfoliating sponge and some body wash. Massage the areas of your body where the marks appear. This will help with your circulation, and it should help your skin appear smooth.

Rub your back and shoulder vigorously with a towel when you step out of the shower to help further smooth away the appearance of the bra strap marks.

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Use body lotion on your back and shoulders. Pour a generous portion of lotion into the palm of your hand; massage it into your shoulders and back. This will help soften your skin and reduce the appearance of bra strap marks. If it is hard to reach your back with the lotion, ask a spouse or friend to rub it onto your back for you.


Prevent bra strap marks before they appear by making sure you are wearing the appropriate sized bra. Additionally, make sure your bra straps are adjusted to the proper length so that they are not too tight on your shoulders.