How to Reintroduce Solid Foods Into a Diet

Soft, liquid diets are prescribed for numerous reasons. Individuals who have had dental work or surgery or those suffering from certain illnesses may require special diets. To avoid pain, bloating, nausea and gastrointestinal distress, you must reintroduce solid foods gradually. The amount of time it will take before you are able to eat solid foods again will depend on how well you tolerate the food as well as how long you stayed on a soft diet.

Visit your healthcare provider to discuss whether you are ready to eat solid foods again. Starting to eat solid foods before you are ready can cause gastrointestinal complications 1.

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Start with a soft diet. If you were limited to only a liquid diet, eat a soft diet for two to three days in order to build up your body’s tolerance. Eat foods like mashed potatoes, applesauce, ice cream, Jell-O and pudding.

Eat bland starches, cereals and carbohydrates. Do not add spices, seasonings or condiments. Consume unsalted crackers and plain rice and toast for one to two days. These carbohydrates will help teach teach your body to break down solid foods.

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Add cooked vegetables into your diet. Prepare steamed or boiled vegetables while eating bland carbohydrates. Continue with this diet for one to two days.

Incorporate protein. Choose bland, lean meats like plain chicken or turkey and eat these proteins for one to two days.

Include raw vegetables and fruits. Your diet should consist of bland carbohydrates, steamed or boiled vegetables, plain, bland proteins and fruits and vegetables 1. Continue this diet for one to two days.

Return to the diet you had before it was restricted.