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How to Raise Blood Pressure Quickly

Although high blood pressure, or hypertension, is considered to be a dangerous heart risk, people do not usually consider hypotension, or low blood pressure, to carry the same risks 1. Hypotension can cause dizziness, as well as heart and endocrine problems down the line. It is possible to raise your blood pressure without a prescription or the help of a doctor, although you should consult a doctor if you are feeling specifically dizzy, having heart palpitations or are feeling weak overall 1. A blood pressure lower than 90/60 mm hG is considered low blood pressure and you are at risk for hypotension 1.

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Add more salt to your diet. Although most people think that salt is something to avoid, if you have hypotension, adding more salt to your diet can raise blood pressure quickly 1. If you are older, you should consult your doctor before adding more salt to your diet as it may put you at a risk for heart failure.

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Drink more water every day. Adding more water to your diet will increase your blood volume, therefore increasing blood pressure 1. Do not consume more than one gallon of water in a day, or you risk losing nutrients due to water overdose.

Wear compression stockings, especially while standing up. Individuals with low blood pressure can experience pooling in the lower legs and ankles due to blood not being able to flow correctly 1. Wear compression stockings to prevent the blood from collecting in your lower extremities.

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Monitor your blood pressure regularly 1. Take your blood pressure at your local drugstore, or have it taken at your doctor's office 1. If your blood pressure is under 90/60 mm hG, see a doctor as soon as possible 1.

See a doctor for a prescription if necessary. If you are still feeling dizzy when standing up or feeling generally tired, your doctor may prescribe you a medication like Fludrocortisone, which will raise your blood pressure 1.


Stand up slowly to avoid getting dizzy.


If you experience a fever, fainting or nausea due to your low blood pressure, contact your doctor immediately.