Purple and Yellow Under Eye Circles

If you suffer from purple or yellow circles under your eyes, they could be caused by a variety of factors 2. While the circles may seem unsightly and cause embarrassment, they usually do not indicate a serious condition, according to MayoClinic.com 12. You have numerous options for treating and preventing yellow and purple under-eye circles easily at home.


Under-eye circles can be purple or yellow in color. Dark circles under your eyes are usually accompanied by puffiness or swelling below and around your eyes, including in your eyelids 2. Purple and yellow under-eye circles are round and uniform in shape and can appear in adults and children.


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Yellow or purple circles under your eyes are often caused by a lack of sleep, according to MayoClinic.com 12. Water retention due to hormonal changes or an increased salt intake can also lead to swollen yellow or purple circles under your eyes 2. Sometimes under-eye circles that appear yellow or purple are a side effect of allergies or dermatitis.


If you suffer from yellow or purple circles under your eyes, you can try a few home remedies to reduce their appearance 2. Apply cold compresses to your eyes to reduce swelling and decrease the appearance of under-eye circles 2. Hold two chilled spoons or a bag of frozen peas against your under-eye area to treat puffy eye circles. If your under-eye circles are caused by nasal congestion, try nasal irrigation using a neti pot or saline nasal spray to clear out mucus.


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Try to get a good night's rest to prevent purple or yellow under-eye circles from forming. Propping your head up with at least two pillows while you sleep to encourage draining can help keep under-eye circles at bay. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen when you go outdoors to protect your eyes and your under-eye skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays.


Talk to a doctor if your purple or yellow under-eye circles are persistent or severe. If your eye circles are accompanied by redness or itching of the eyes, your doctor can determine a proper diagnosis. If you experience swelling in your legs and feet in addition to the swelling around your eyes, talk to your doctor.