Protein & Complex Carb Snacks

Snacks throughout the day are important to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent overeating from hunger. A combination of protein with complex carbohydrates is a top choice because it will give you a longer lasting amount of energy until your next meal. Aim for two to four snacks per day, depending on your calorie needs.

Eggs With Toast

The protein in the foods we eat is digested into amino acids that are later used to replace proteins in our bodies and build muscle, explains the Centers for Disease Control. A top snack for adding in healthy protein is eggs. Eggs are low in calories compared with other protein choices, with only 70 calories per large egg. Pair this with a serving of whole wheat toast and this adds extra fiber through a complex carbohydrate. Be sure your bread lists whole wheat to guarantee a complex carb with your protein.

Celery and Peanut Butter

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Peanut butter paired with celery is a nutritious and protein-rich complex carb snack. The Harvard School of Public Health states that recent nutrition research shows that people who regularly eat nuts are less likely to have heart attacks or die from heart disease than those who rarely eat them. In addition, celery is a great choice with peanut butter or nuts, because it is low in calories, high in fiber, and is a complex carbohydrate. For added sweetness, trying putting raisins on top of the peanut butter.

Yogurt and Whole Grain Cereal

The University of Maryland Medical Center states that complex carbohydrates found in whole grain cereal can provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are important to the health of an individual. Pairing cereal together with yogurt is a perfect snack because yogurt is high in protein and beneficial bacteria, and it can help with the digestive system. Look for low-fat or fat-free yogurt, and be sure to read the labels to make sure the cereal is made from whole grain. To make this snack a little sweeter, add in some dried or fresh fruit.

Hummus and Veggies

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Hummus is a spread made from garbanzo beans that comes in several different flavors, such as garlic or red pepper. Beans, which belong to the legume family, are a source of protein. Beans are also high in fiber, low in calories, and provide vitamins and minerals. Pair the dip with vegetables that provide complex carbohydrates. Top choices are carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and cucumbers. Hummus is also a good spread on sandwiches or crackers. Spread on whole-wheat bread, whole-grain crackers or stone-ground-wheat toast.