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What Is a Procrit Injection?

By Eric Dontigney ; Updated July 27, 2017

Procrit is one of the brand names under which the prescription medication epoetin alfa is sold. It is used in the treatment of some cases of anemia (low red blood cell count). Injection is the method used to administer the medication.

Method of Action

Procrit increases the red blood cell production by the body, according to Drugs.com. Procrit.com reports that it works by stimulating the bone marrow.

What Is Procrit?

Procrit.com notes that Procrit is a man-made type of protein called "erythropoietin." Procrit is created using human plasma.

Injection Method

The injection is performed with a needle, either by a physician or by the patient or a caregiver at home. Drugs.com reports that it may be injected beneath the skin or into a vein.

Adverse Effects

Adverse side effects from using Procrit may include dizziness, sore throat, nausea and pain at the injection site. Procrit may also increase the chances of stroke or having a heart attack, reports Drugs.com.

Who Should Not Use Procrit

Patients with an allergic response to albumin and those with high blood pressure that is not controlled or treated should not take Procrit. As a number of other conditions may cause adverse reactions to Procrit, all medical conditions (including pregnancy) should be discussed with a physician before using Procrit.


Procrit should be refrigerated and kept out of contact with direct sunlight, notes Procrit.com. Procrit should not be frozen or used if it was frozen.

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