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How to Prevent Heat Exhaustion in a Mascot Costume

By Contributor

A team mascot is responsible for building team spirit and getting the crowd going during a game or pep rally. However, mascot costumes are often uncomfortable, hot and difficult to maneuver. To keep your positive energy and ability to run around, jump and rev up the crowd, you need to learn how to prevent heat exhaustion while in your mascot costume.

Wear a costume that is well ventilated. Most modern mascot costumes come equipped with lightweight mesh and even fans to keep you cool.

Drink plenty of water. This one sounds like a no-brainer, but keeping hydrated is the best way of preventing heat exhaustion. When you're in the costume, moving around burning calories, you sweat a lot--water and sports drinks help keep your body going.

Keep cool packs in your suit to regulate your body temperature. Fight dehydration and heat exhaustion with cool packs and take many breaks during extreme heat.

Stay out of direct sun while in the mascot costume. Run across the field to do your routines but stay in the shade when not performing.

Have a spotter or buddy to watch out for you during your performances. If you start to feel symptoms of heat exhaustion such as rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing, extreme body heat, confusion or hallucinations, get out of the suit immediately and seek medical attention.

Wear lightweight clothing when inside the mascot suit. Some people choose to wear shorts and a t-shirt while others choose only underwear or a leotard. Find what works for you, but avoid layers and long sleeves which can raise your body temperature.

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