How to Play Sk8 Dice

By Christina Martinez

From kickflips to fakies to 360s and nollies, skateboarding comes with its own lingo for tricks and maneuvers. This lingo is written on every die that comes with the game Sk8 Dice. Sk8 Dice is a variation of the game S.K.A.T.E., which is similar to H.O.R.S.E. in basketball. For every trick successfully completed, that skater gets to keep a letter with the goal of eventually spelling out "S.K.A.T.E." It covers basic tricks with different variations and can be played with either two people or a large group of skaters.

Roll all four of the dice at once.

Read the dice combination. For example, if you roll "Regular," "Front Side," "180" and "Heel Flip," the skater must then successfully complete a front-side heel flip.

Exclude dice that show an "X," which is depicted with two skateboards in the shape of an "X," or the words "Sk8 Dice." For example: If you roll "Switch," "Sk8" Dice," "Kick Flip" and "360," omit "Sk8 Dice" and perform a 360-degree switch kick flip. If you roll two "X's" or "Sk8 Dice" or any combination of the two, omit those two dice. For example: If you roll "X," "Sk8 Dice," "Backside" and "Nollie" you need to perform a backside Nollie and omit the other two dice.

Toss the dice and roll three "X's," "Sk8 Dice" or any combination of the two and the trick that does come up needs to be performed with a variation. For example, if you roll three "Sk8 Dice" and then a "Kick Flip," perform a variation of "Kick Flip." A skater could perform a fakie flip, front side flip or a backside flip.

Roll four "Sk8 Dice" and you'll get a letter taken away from you. So, if you have the letters "S.K.A.T.," the letter "T" gets taken away or given to another player. This leaves you with "S.K.A."

Roll the dice to reveal four "X's" and choose any trick that you would like to gain a letter.

Win the game by becoming the first player to successfully complete five tricks, spelling out S.K.A.T.E.

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