How to Get Periods Early

By Gail Logan

A period is an essential part of womanhood. It is a sign that a woman is mature and able to bear children. A woman's cycle usually occurs at the same time each month, every 28 to 30 days. There may be times, such as before a vacation or a special event, that a woman expects her period to come at an inconvenient time. When this happens, it may be possible to encourage the onset of menstruation. Because having a period come early is ultimately up to the cooperation of Mother Nature, the following steps may work but are not always effective.

Take note of the dates of your last period and how long your cycle normally lasts so that you know when to expect your period. This will help you determine how long you have to try to bring about the early onset of your period.

Spend time with other females. It is a known, although not fully understood, fact that women who are around one another often will begin and conclude menstruation around the same dates. Ask your friends when they will be expecting their period, and if the time is earlier than yours, associate with them frequently.

Begin taking contraceptives that contain progesterone. A pill, such as Norethisterone, may speed the onset of your next period if taken at the correct time in your current cycle. Talk with your a health care professional to determine the best type of birth control pills, when you should take them to affect your next period or to explore other options that may help change the date of your next period.

Avoid stress. Because of its affects on the body's hormone levels, stress can delay a period, causing it to come later than anticipated. As a result, it is important to keep stress levels low when trying to encourage your period to come soon.

Maintain a healthy sexual life. Having regular orgasms can speed the coming of a period if you are almost due because orgasms cause pelvic contractions that will help expel anything in the vaginal canal.


Do not take an herbal pill to bring on your period early without consulting a doctor. These may work by affecting your body's natural hormone levels but can have negative side effects.

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