How to Get Perfume Out of Your Eye

Although it may sound strange, getting perfume in your eye is actually pretty easy to do. After all, perfume is often sprayed out of a bottle, and the perfume often sprays every which way. Whether you held the nozzle incorrectly (or the nozzle was blocked) or you were ambushed by a rambunctious child while you were applying the perfume, don't worry. Though it can be painful, perfume in your eye is relatively harmless and easy to remedy.

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Hold your head over the bowl of your sink; turn the cold water on.

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Tilt your head to the right and run room-temperature water from the bridge of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. You want the water to run across the eye.

Switch eyes every 30 seconds for about five minutes.

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Blink your eyes so that water can get inside of your eyes to wash the perfume out.

Rest your eyes for 30 minutes to an hour. Whether you're on the couch or in bed, refrain from opening your eyes unless absolutely necessary. Your eye's natural tears will help flush out any more perfume residue.


Don't rub your eye. This will only further irritate the eyeball and skin around the eye.

Visit your doctor if the redness doesn't go away after one hour or if an infection occurs.


Immediately remove perfume from the eye. The alcohol in most perfumes can scratch your cornea, causing long-term discomfort.