Pain in the Upper Thigh and Groin Area That Hurts and Has Spread to the Legs

Active people may encounter groin strains or hip injuries as a result of certain high-intensity sports such as hockey or squash, although these injuries can occur during any activity, from running to Pilates.


Is This an Emergency?

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pain in groin and leg

Pulled or Sore Groin Muscle

inner thigh muscle

sore inner thigh

Tendon Injuries in the Hip

Bursitis in the Hip

Hip Arthritis Pain

Nerve Compression or Damage

Pain Caused by a Hernia

sports hernia, inguinal hernia , femoral hernia

Other Possible Causes

hip bone spur

athletic pubalgia and groin disruption

femoral fracture

pain in upper thigh and groin area female (kw)