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Nur-Isterate Side Effects

By Norma Chew ; Updated July 27, 2017

Nur-Isterate is a hormonal contraceptive that only contains the female hormone progesterone. The popularity of progesterone-only contraceptives is increasing and they are considered the most effective method of contraception. Nur-Isterate protects against conception by changing the mucus in the cervix (lower narrow portion of the womb), restricting the passage of sperm into the womb and preventing the female egg from attaching to it. It’s best to know the function and side effects of Nur-Isterate before taking it.


Nur-Isterate is an injectable drug used as a short-term reversible method of birth control. This injection is given slowly into the gluteal muscle of the buttocks. The initial injection is given within the first five days of the menstrual cycle, followed by the next three injections given at eight weeks intervals and another at twelve weeks. According to, “before taking Nur-Isterate a thorough general medical and gynecological examination including the breast should done and pregnancy must be excluded.”

Side Effects

As with most medications, side effects varies with each individual. The common side effects of Nur-Isterate are related to the menstrual cycle such as break-through bleeding and short periods of amenorrhea and sometimes spotting may occur. In addition there may be headaches, nausea and weight gain or feelings of depression.

Other Side Effects

Diabetics taking Nur-Isterate must be closely monitored because of its effect on glucose tolerance observed in some women taking this drug. There is an increased risk of venous and arterial thrombo-embolic disease (formation of a blood clot or thrombus in the blood vessels), related to the use of hormonal contraceptives which could increase the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Additional Side Effects

There have been reports of rare cases of benign and rarer cases of malignant liver tumors leading to isolated occurrences of life threatening intra-abdominal hemorrhage after the use of hormonal substances such as the one contained in Nur-Isterate. Inform your doctor of any upper abdominal complaints that do not stop within a short time. It may become necessary to discontinue the medication.


Discuss your medical history with your doctor to avoid any drug interactions and conditions that may be a contra-indication to you taking Nur-Isterate. Some contra-indications are pregnancy, extremely high blood pressure and uncontrolled diabetes. In addition conditions such as chronic liver disease and cancer of the breast or uterus are contraindicated.


Nur-Isterate is a short term method of birth control. Bear in mind after the twelfth week injection the birth control protection will not be effective from the thirteenth week. An alternative would be to do the two month interval. Discuss your options with your doctor. This medication should only be prescribed for women who have a history of regular menstrual cycles. When Nur-Isterate is administered on a long term basis regular gynecological examinations should be done as a precaution.

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