How to Numb Your Nose

Numbing your nose is a practical, safe procedure that can make piercing your nose simpler, more accurate and less painful. When numbing your nose, however, it is important to do so around another individual to ensure the process is safe and efficient.

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Benefits and Procedure Of Nose Numbing

Understanding the risks and benefits of numbing your nose is important before completing the procedure. Numbing the tissue on the nose is useful when getting your nose pierced, as the needle can traverse the skin easily, making the process less painful and quicker. Numbing your nose when self-piercing can also help create a more accurate needle incision, as the pain will not distract your mind and influence your actions. Although some piercing and tattoo parlors may numb your nose for you, following a simple nose numbing procedure beforehand can ensure your piercing is safe, effective and painless.

To numb your nose, collect an ice-cube, paper towel and timer. Wrap an ice cube in a paper towel or napkin and hold to nose for three to four minutes. It is important to first wrap the ice so as not to damage nerve endings in the nose. After two minutes, remove ice and check to ensure nose is numb. If it is not numb, return ice to nose and hold for an additional two minutes. One nose is numb, immediately pierce nose or enter piercing parlor.

After your nose is numb, you can complete the piercing process, either by a professional in a piercing parlor or by yourself. If piercing your own nose, however, it is important to sterilize all equipment, including the needle, earring stud and clasp. In addition, it is important to clean the nose thoroughly using rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. It is important to have another person present, whether piercing your own nose or having your nose pierced professionally, to ensure your safety during and after the procedure.