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Neem Leaf Side Effects

Traditionally used by many people as an alternative treatment for a variety of health ailments and skin irritations, neem leaf extract is a common supplement you can find in most local supermarkets and drug stores. However, be aware of potential side effects associated with neem leaf before starting any type of treatment involving the herb.

Infant Death

According to, neem oil has been found to produce Reye’s syndrome symptoms in infants who are exposed to neem leaf oils. The extract is typically administered orally, and there have been reported cases of infant death after consuming even the smallest dosage (5mL) of neem supplement. While no deaths in adults have been reported, seek the council of a medical professional before consuming neem oil in any form.

Stomach Irritation

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According to, patients have presented with various stomach ailments and disorders, ranging from diarrhea to indigestion, shortly after neem leaf consumption or use. As a result, patients with a history of stomach disease or irregularities should not use neem leaf-based supplements.

Liver and Kidney Effects

According to, if you are experiencing liver or kidney problems or have a history of liver or kidney disease, you should not consume any neem leaf-based products. As the website states, neem leaf contains active ingredients that may prove to be toxic in patients suffering from diseases of these organs, regardless of dosage consumed.


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Another common side effect that you can experience with the consumption of neem leaf is an increase in fatigue. According to, traditional Ayurvedic practitioners recommend against the use of neem leaf if the person suffers from obvious wasting or fatigue because the herb may increase the severity of these ailments or conditions.

Pregnancy Complications

As with other alternative medications available on the market, you should not consume neem leaf supplements in any form if you are pregnant or may become pregnant. explains that blood toxicity can occur during pregnancy shortly following consumption of neem leaf-based products.