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How to Naturally Cure an Overactive Adrenal Gland

The two adrenal glands, situated on top of the kidneys, are responsible for the production of two vital hormones: cortisone and adrenaline. Too much stress can result in "overactive" adrenal glands. This condition is commonly marked by complaints of weakness, dizziness and memory loss. Other key symptoms include decreased body hair, chills or general feelings of being cold, food cravings and an inability to cope with stress. Overactive adrenal glands can be healed and restored to normal function by the use of nutritional supplements, herbs, daily exercise and, above all else, the resolution of all personal environmental stress.

Take vitamin B supplements for proper functioning of the adrenals. Nutritional Healing's Dr. James F. Balch recommends 100 mg of vitamin B complex twice daily and 100 mg of vitamin B5 three times a day 1.

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Take the following amino acid and glandulars to relieve excess stress on adrenals, as suggested by Beeson & McDermott's "Textbook of Medicine's" Guide to the Glands: L-tyrocine, 500 mg daily, on an empty stomach, with water or juice only Raw adrenal and cortex glandulars, as directed on the labe 2l

Take the following herbs to improve adrenal gland function, according to Dr. Howard F. Conn's "Treatment for the Adrenal Glands": Astragalus, 470 mg three times daily with meals Echinacea, 450 mg three times daily with meals Milk thistle extract, as directed on the labe 3l

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Make the following diet and lifestyle changes: Add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, brewer's yeast, brown rice, nuts, seeds, olive oil, wheat germ and whole grains Eat deep-water ocean fish, tuna or salmon, at least three times a week Get regular, moderate exercise daily Avoid all forms of stress


Take a high-potency comprehensive multivitamin daily. Watch for obvious, tell-tale symptoms and bodily changes indicating chronic adrenal dysfunction: rounded "moon" faces, acne-like facial red marks, falling out or increase of body hair, darkening freckles, and swollen eyelids.


Do not use the herb astralagus if you have a fever. Be aware of the rare, but more serious, condition called Addison's disease, caused by chronic underactive adrenals. Be aware of the rare, but more serious, condition called Cushing's syndrome, caused by chronic overactive adrenals. Poor nutrition, smoking and alcohol and drug abuse can contribute to adrenal failure.