How to Naturally Bring Ammonia Levels Down in the Body

High ammonia levels, or hyperammonemia, in the bloodstream can be fatal if left untreated. Ammonia levels become high because of liver problems or severe hepatitis. Such high levels can cause changes in metabolism, confusion, lethargy and forgetfulness in some individuals. In grave cases, it can even cause the person to become comatose. However, there are a number of ways to help lower ammonia levels in the body. With a close relationship with your medical practitioner and proper medications and treatments, you can effectively control hyperammonemia.

Drink lots of water. Drinking water makes you urinate more frequently, effectively flushing ammonia out of your body.

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Keep yourself hydrated by drinking coconut water, it will make you urinate even more frequently than drinking water, and further aid in helping your body lower ammonia levels.

Drink lemon in water to aid the liver in breaking down harmful toxins. Drinking lemon juice helps your liver to function more efficiently, thereby helping to lower ammonia levels in your body and in your system. You may also choose to eat some citrus fruits to help your liver even more. Oranges, lemons and limes are good fruits to help lower ammonia levels.

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Stop drinking alcoholic beverages. Alcohol further strains your liver and may promote the production of even more ammonia in the body.

Drinking tea may help to keep your internal systems clean and free from toxins. Green tea includes catechins that help prevent cancer cells and flushes your body free from harmful toxins can help your liver lighten its workload.

Take silymarin capsules as a liver protection. They are also called milk thistle capsules and are hepatoprotective, which means they protect the liver from toxins. Silymarin capsules are used for hepatitis C and cirrhosis due to alcohol 1. Since silymarin is derived from milk thistle it is considered to be safe and natural.