Natural Way to Grow Eyebrow Hair

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If your eyebrows have become over-tweezed and too thin to softly frame your face, it’s time to find a natural way to grow out that facial hair. It generally takes about six to eight weeks for a complete regrowth cycle to pass. There are some natural ways to grow eyebrow hair faster.

Start From Within

Put away your tweezers and hot wax. If you want to grow your eyebrow hair, you have to stop plucking and waxing.

Start taking your vitamins. Prenatal vitamins help grow hair faster, but they are high in iron, which can cause acne. A multivitamin will also work, but be sure it particularly includes vitamins C, A, B3 and, most importantly, vitamin E.

Assess your daily diet. Make sure you include leafy vegetables and foods rich in vitamin E and amino acids in order to promote hair growth. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day to flush out toxins.

Natural Methods

Massage the hair follicles under your eyebrows. With a fine eyebrow brush use circular movements in the direction of the hair growth. Repeat twice a day.

Apply olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E oil or Vaseline to the hair using a Q-tip or cotton ball. They will not only enhance growth, but strengthen the hair. Apply one to two times daily.

Use an eyebrow pencil that is a shade darker than your hair to fill in your brows while you wait for them to grow back. Use short, feathery strokes and then brush with an eyebrow brush. If you have wide-set eyes, extend eyebrows closer to your nose. If your brows stop before the outer corner of your eye, extend the eyebrows outward.


Only pluck the hairs that pop up outside of the eyebrow line itself. Make sure the eyebrows aren’t unruly and that they stay in a soft shape that frames your eyes.


Be careful not to over-pluck or wax. There are some instances when you will suffer from eyebrow loss, particularly after years of removing the hair from the roots. When applying any product near the eye, keep safety in mind. Keep the applicator sterile and use gloves. If product gets in eyes, rinse gently with warm water.