How to Get Metal Shavings Out of Your Eye

When working with metal, it is inevitable that you will get a metal shaving in your eye. Eye protection will help keep most foreign obstructions from entering your eye, but no form of protection is fail safe. If a metal shaving embeds in your eye you will need medical attention to remove the shaving. You can, however, remove a metal shaving that rests on top of your eye. Do not flush your eye with water to try to remove the metal shaving, as this will cause damage to your eye.

Is This an Emergency?

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

Proceed to a mirror when you feel a metal shaving enter your eye, picking up a magnet on your way. Do not rub your eye; this will result in damage to your eye and possibly embedding the metal shaving into your eye.

Pull your lower eyelid away from your eye to inspect your eye and find the metal shaving.

Place the magnet close to your eye, in line with the metal shaving. Do not touch your eye with the magnet. If the magnet does not extract the metal shaving, proceed to Step 4.

Roll one corner of a paper towel to a point.

Place the rolled corner of the paper towel against the metal shaving and gently attempt to lift the shaving from the surface of your eye if.

Visit an an eye doctor for an examination and treatment if you cannot remove the metal shaving on your own.