Medical Use of Boric Acid

Boric acid, also known as acidum boricum, orthoboric acid and boracic acid, is a very weak acid and ionizes as a monobasic acid (i.e., acid containing only one replaceable hydrogen atom per molecule). It forms softy pearly-white, needlelike crystals that have a greasy feel. Boric acid has a number of medicinal uses 3. It is often used as a mild antiseptic, especially on yeast and fungal infections. Also, boric acid is an effective treatment for some skin conditions such as mild rashes and acne. Aqueous solution of boric acid also can be used as an eye wash.

Skin Treatments

Boric acid as an anti-fungal agent can be used in the treatment of various yeast and fungal infections including “candidiasis” or vaginal yeast infections. Likewise, it also can be used to treat yeast infections of the male pubic region. Boric acid, because of its mild antiseptic properties is an effective medicine for superficial epidermal wounds on the skin. A diluted water solution of boric acid is commonly used to treat acne due to its excellent anti-bacterial properties.

Antiseptic Property

Boric acid has antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and astringent properties. Boric acid is extensively used as an antiseptic-sterile drug in the treatment of minor cuts or burns. It is also an effective tool for dressings or salves. Hence, boric acid finds it way in many household remedies as well as medicinal prescriptions.

Eye Treatments

Boric acid is the only acid that is not harmful to human eyes. Boric acid as a solution is a beneficial eyewash treatment. Indeed, world’s leading optical product manufacturers are launching boric acid as their new eye-washers, for example, Eye Wash by Bausch and Lomb contains a mixture of boric acid. Aqueous solution of boric acid is also effective for eye infections, pinkeye (inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye) and discharges from the eyes.

Ear Treatments

Boric acid solution is helpful in the treatment of some kinds of otitis externa, which is an inflammation of the ear characterized by fever, pain and dizziness. Swimmers habitually use boric acid solution as an effective ear drop to flush out fungi and bacteria from their ears that might have entered during swimming. Boric acid is also used in treating ear infections in pets that might have occurred for various reasons.

Foot Treatments

Boric acid is also available in powdered form and can be used as a talcum powder. It can reduce excessive sweating that is responsible for bad smelling feet. Thus, you can cure athlete’s foot by inserting boric powder in your stockings or socks.