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How to Make a Swollen Lip Go Down

Swelling of the lip can occur from injuries, accidents and allergies to certain types of foods or domestic animals, like cats. Moreover, swollen lips can also result from insect bites, particularly those of bees and hornets, certain illnesses like herpes and side effects from various antibiotics. Whatever the cause, there are a number of treatments for a swollen lip, including several home remedies and more traditional medical ones.

Steep a teabag in hot water then allow to cool slightly. Press the teabag against your lips for five to 10 minutes at a time until the swelling goes down. This is a natural remedy to treat swollen lips.

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Wrap some crushed ice in a clean washcloth. Apply the washcloth gently to your lips for five to 10 minutes, or as long as you can stand before it becomes too cold. Continue re-applying throughout the day to reduce swelling.

Apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel onto your lips. Aloe vera is a natural plant that contains anti-inflammatory properties. Re-apply a few times a day to expedite the process of making your swollen lip go down.

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Take an antihistamine if you suspect the swelling is due to food or animal allergies, or an insect bite. Antihistamines are helpful in reducing minor swelling within a few hours. Over-the-counter medications like Claritin and Benadryl are particularly popular.


If the swelling is particularly prolonged and troublesome, and accompanied by itching or a rash, consult a physician immediately.


Avoid taking antihistamines if you have a history of heart problems, high blood pressure, glaucoma or thyroid disease.