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How to Make Your Period Come Sooner

The chance to participate in new events and expand your horizons is what makes life enjoyable and worth living. One thing that may spoil your night of big fun is your period. Although a necessary part of female maturity, your period can stop you from enjoying planned or even spontaneous adventures. Many women have tried to make their period come sooner in order to take advantage of the fun times. With a little preparation and some luck, you may even be able to make your period come sooner.

Start planning your attack early. Your chances of success may be increased by early planning. Once you’re aware of your special event or situation, make it a point to actively try to make your goal into reality. Calculate the expected and actual start dates of your past and future periods to determine your established baseline. You may find that your period naturally fluctuates due to your individual hormones and stress levels. Take this into account when trying to make your period come sooner.

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Associate with other women. Oftentimes close friends and even coworkers start and end their periods around the same time. Although the phenomenon isn’t completely understood, many women have reported success with this simple tactic.

Take birth control pills. Since these contraceptives also work to regulate your menstrual cycle, taking them at a certain time can help predict when your next period is expected to start. Ask your doctor about the best alternative for your individual health needs and lifestyle. Although this option isn’t a quick fix, it can help you get your period sooner than normal if your period start date is correctly calculated.

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Steer clear of stressful situations. Stress is often a cause of later than expected periods due to its influence on the body’s hormones and overall function. While it may possible to will things into existence, it’s equally possible to discourage your body from behaving as you desire. Increasingly delayed periods may be a direct effect of stress.

Maintain an active lifestyle. Regular exercise contributes to the body’s overall health and function. Your metabolism and hormones are positively impacted by participating in regular exercise. Simple activities like jogging or yoga can help your body relax allowing nature to take its regular course.


Consult your doctor if your period is starting increasingly late. There may be hormonal imbalances that are contributing to the issue.

Keep in mind, there is no surefire way to force your body to menstruate when you'd like. Learn to keep yourself protected and prepared and you can still enjoy those fun times with or without your period.


Never take any medication or herbal supplement without informing your doctor. Although there are many superstitions and “old wives tales” circulating, your doctor is your best source for health information.