How to Make an Insect Repellant Out of Lemongrass

Insect bites and stings are painful at the moment of attack and sometimes cause lasting skin irritation. It only takes a minute to turn a fresh stalk of lemongrass into natural insect repellent 2. The essential oils naturally present inside the lemongrass stalk repel pests and give skin a fresh, vibrant citrus scent. Save money and avoid putting harsh chemicals on your skin by quickly harvesting and applying lemongrass oils to keep away unwanted insects.

Peel away the outer leaves and the first fibrous layer of the lemongrass stalk by pulling them down and off toward the swollen white end.

Hold the stripped lemongrass stalk between both hands, about 2 inches apart. Bend it until a 2-inch piece snaps off. Continue along the entire length of the stalk bending and snapping off 2-inch segments.

Roll the lemongrass stalk segments between your flat hands until the inside softens to a mushy pulp.

Twist the lemongrass segment and squeeze its oil directly onto your skin.

Coat all your exposed skin generously with the oil of the lemongrass stalk every four to five hours for continued protection from mosquitoes and other stinging insects.


Leave the crushed stalk of lemongrass near a doorway or under a picnic table to keep insects away.