How to Make Your Body's Core Smaller

By Jennifer Leigh

There are two ways to go about making your core smaller: working out the muscles that comprise your core and eating fewer calories so you lose weight all over your body. Your core includes the muscles of your abdominal region, back, upper legs, hips and glutes. This section of your body is important because it supports your frame when performing everyday tasks such as walking, cleaning, working and exercising. It's always important to remember that some aspects of your shape are determined by genetics and won't be easy to shape through diet and exercise.

Step 1

Perform full-body exercises that burn calories and work out your core muscles. Choose a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and do it three to five times per week for 30 to 90 minutes each session. These types of exercises include running, taking an aerobics class, biking and swimming. Classes such as Pilates and yoga do not burn a lot of calories, but can help sculpt your core by directly working those muscles. Add these types of classes to your routine at least once or twice per week.

Step 2

Do specific exercises that are targeted for your core, and particularly your transverse abdominal muscle. This muscle helps pull in your abdominal region, which helps you appear slimmer. The Pilates exercise known as the 100 is a great exercise for this purpose. Lie on your back on a mat with your arms by your sides and your legs straight out in front of you. Lift your legs to a 45-degree angle with your toes pointed, raise your head, chest and arms, and begin to pump your arms up and down quickly for 100 counts. Perform the 100 every day.

Step 3

Eat a healthy diet with the right number of calories. This is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your overall body size, which includes your core area. Reduce your daily calorie count by 500 to lose 1 pound per week. Eat a diet that consists mainly of lean protein, fruits and veggies, whole grains, low-fat dairy and healthy fats.

Step 4

Focus on your overall health instead of your specific size. If you are a healthy weight for your frame, exercise regularly, eat a good diet and avoid risk factors such as smoking and excessive drinking, you should not worry too much about whether your core is too large. The important thing is to gradually improve your overall health so you live a longer and happier life. Some people simply have larger core areas due to their physical make-up and genetics.

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