How to Make a Baseball Cap Out of Fabric

By Ainsley Patterson

Baseball caps are an easy and stylish way to keep the sun out of your eyes and to keep your head from getting burned in bright sunlight. You can go to a hat store and purchase a baseball cap, or you could sew a baseball cap from fabric and make it all your own for a fraction of the price.

Making a Baseball Cap Out of Fabric

Purchase all of the necessary supplies listed on the back of your pattern, including fabric and any accessories. Heavier weight fabrics are best for baseball caps because they will hold up longer and be more absorbent. Denim is a great material for a baseball cap.

Wash fabric in cold water and hang to dry.

Change the needle in your sewing machine to a heavy duty needle if one isn't already in the machine. This will help prevent frequent needle breaks as you work with the heavier fabric.

Iron fabric once it is completely dry.

Pull out and unfold your pattern, locate the pattern pieces for the baseball cap and cut them out.

Iron your pattern pieces on a low heat setting.

Line up and pin your pattern pieces onto your fabric according to the pattern instructions.

Cut out all of your pattern pieces and mark them where the pattern pieces indicate that they need to be marked. These marks help you to line up seams and make necessary cuts so that everything fits together well.

Sew together your baseball cap by following the pattern instructions.

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