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Losing Weight Taking Vitamin B Complex

By Contributing Writer

B vitamins might be one of the greatest secrets of weight loss. A B vitamin complex--a combination of eight B vitamins--helps your metabolism and digestion in a way that if coupled with a few lifestyle changes can result in weight loss. If you are interested in trying this method to shed some pounds, here are some steps you can take.

Choose a Vitamin B Complex. B vitamins are available individually, and each helps a different bodily function. But for best results, find a complex pill or powder and take it at the recommended intervals for your body type as dictated on the directions.

Add an exercise regimen to your life along with regular Vitamin B Complex routine. By exercising, you give your new vitamin supplements the added boost they need for success. Exercise increases your metabolism along with the vitamins, so the combination will help shed pounds.

Eliminate refined sugars from your diet. Choose sweet foods that are naturally sugared. Refined sugars are converted to fat and will battle the positive effects of Vitamin B. For example, an apple contains natural sugars, while a can of soda contains refined sugars.

Remove highly caffeinated items from your diet. The negative effects that caffeine has on your body’s metabolism may keep your Vitamin B Complex from fully helping you to lose weight. There are several options to replace these items, including organic decaffeinated coffee.

Boost your body’s level of Vitamin B by seeking out foods that contain this vitamin naturally along with your supplement and exercise routine. Oats, barley, wheat, avocado, salmon and nuts are all excellent sources of foods that are rich in various forms of Vitamin B. This addition to your diet will aid in the weight loss process.

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