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The Best Kind of Mattress for Spinal Stenosis

By Maryellen Cicione ; Updated July 27, 2017

The best kind of mattress for spinal stenosis is one that promotes natural spinal alignment. This differs for individuals, which is why it’s important before buying a mattress to lie down on it in your usual sleep position for at least 15 minutes to determine its comfort level. What is known is a medium-firm mattress seems to provide proper support and more comfort to people with lower back pain than a firmer one. But whether that medium-firm mattress should be made of coil, memory foam or latex foam is up to personal preference and comfort.

Coil Mattresses

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spine in either the lower back or neck area. For some people with spinal stenosis, an innerspring or coil mattress offers more support than a memory foam mattress. Bedding support is important to help relieve pain caused by spinal stenosis.

In particular, innerspring mattresses with offset coils are designed to conform to the body, providing comfortable support. Some innerspring mattresses have pocketed coils that move independently of each other. This allows the coils to react and respond quickly to motion, such as when turning in bed.

The best coil innerspring mattress for people with spinal stenosis should have a high number of coils to provide proper support to the spine.

Memory Foam Mattresses

With a memory foam mattress, density is important for people with spinal stenosis. Look for memory foam mattresses with high-density foam because it works best in evenly distributing body weight and relieving stress on pressure points such as the lower back.

Although memory foam mattresses maintain the natural curve of the spine and improve circulation, some people with spinal stenosis might find it tedious to switch body positions. That’s because high-density memory foam takes longer to respond to shifts in body weight. In these cases, lower density memory foam might be best.

Latex Foam Mattresses

A latex foam mattress, whether made from a natural or synthetic blend, provides solid support, especially if the latex is constructed in one solid piece. Latex foam is one of the best mattress choices for spinal stenosis sufferers because it is very effective in reducing pressure points and distributing body weight. More importantly, it recovers quickly to weight shifts from changes in sleeping positions.

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