How to Kill Malassezia Globosa Fungus

Malassezia globosa, the fungus responsible for dandruff, is actually a form of yeast that feeds on the oil of the scalp. The fungus produces acid as a by-product, which in turn irritates the skin and causes it to flake. Most people have Malassezia globosa on their scalps, but only some are actually affected by it. Killing the fungus will effectively cure any dandruff one may possess 2.

Have someone inspect your scalp to determine whether the flaking is actually coming from Malassezia globosa. Flaking can also result from irritation due to hair products or psoriasis. In both of these cases, the skin will be red and flaking. Malassezia globosa, on the other hand, will not cause reddened skin.

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Apply a shampoo like Head & Shoulders, with the main ingredient pyrithione zinc, to your head. The pyrithione zinc will kill the fungus. Massage the shampoo into your scalp and rinse.

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Follow the shampoo application with an application of conditioner, using the same brand of shampoo. The conditioner will help protect your scalp and moisturize dry skin. Leave the conditioner in your hair for three to five minutes before rinsing.

Repeat shampoo and conditioner application daily. When you stop applying these products, the fungus will come back, as it naturally occurs on skin, and your dandruff may return.