Is Your Doctor Missing What's Wrong With You?

On the 5th episode of the Stronger podcast, LIVESTRONG.COM editor Michelle Vartan talks to author and physician Dr. Taz about integrative medicine.

Doctor's visits can be a real drag — especially when you spend an hour in the waiting room before the doctor sees you for all of five minutes. During this super-quick visit, the doctor may make general recommendations like "eat healthy" and "exercise" before writing you a prescription for antibiotics. If it all feels very impersonal, that's because it is.

But what about the root cause of the illness that ails you? Or what happens when you become antibiotic resistant? "You can’t treat people like cars, and you can’t treat a physician like an assembly line factory worker," author and physician Dr. Taz tells LIVESTRONG.COM editor Michelle Vartan.

In our latest Stronger podcast episode, Dr. Taz chats with Vartan about integrative medicine, and explains how it's revolutionizing the health industry. The practice combines eastern, western and a whole-body approach to each person’s individual medical needs (which sounds pretty ideal, if you ask us). No wonder integrative medicine doctors are in demand now more than ever before. But does it work? Listen to our discussion on the place where food, body, medicine and science intersect

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What Do YOU Think?

Do you think integrative medicine works? Would you like to see medicine become more holistic? What other topics would you like to see covered on the Stronger podcast?