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Is Gordon Ramsay going vegan? Not so fast

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay already ditched dairy, and now he’s announced on Twitter that he’s “going to give this #vegan thing a try.” What?! Could the chef who helped bring back beef Wellington (basically prosciutto-wrapped filet mignon) really be giving up meat?

Um, not likely. To give you a little more context, his #vegan tweet arrived just one day before the opening of his latest restaurant, Street Pizza, in London, and appeared alongside a photo of the venue’s only vegan offering: a charred aubergine pizza with pine nuts and pesto. Also on the menu? Classic pepperoni and a chorizo and corn with pulled chicken, according Eater London.

So far, media outlets haven’t been able to confirm that Ramsay is officially adopting a plant-based lifestyle, with People reporting: “A representative for Ramsay could not elaborate on his new vegan diet or how long he plans to keep following it.”

While his tweet may have been more of a marketing ploy than anything else, it does suggest that the sharp-tongued “MasterChef” star is actually becoming more vegan-friendly. And that’s a big change from early February, when he offered this snarky response to a Twitter user’s pic of vegan lasagna: “I’m a member of PETA! People eating tasty animals….”

His words set off a prickly debate, pitting the “Meat is delicious!” camp against “The future is VEGAN” club. Even PETA weighed in, commenting on Twitter: “While you’re spending time mocking the future #vegan we’re betting you one day become, most chefs are exploring healthy, animal- & environment-friendly #PlantBased dishes.”

And PETA seemed pleased with the progress the chef has made, commenting on Ramsay’s aubergine pizza pic: “Keep on adding #vegan options to your restaurant menus.”

Hey, baby steps.

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What Do YOU Think?

Do you think Ramsay will ever “go vegan”? Have you noticed more vegan options at restaurants? What’s the best vegan dish you’ve had at a restaurant?