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How to Get a Flat Stomach Like Beyonce's

By Andrea Boldt ; Updated July 18, 2017

Beyonce Knowles is a mega pop star who flaunts her fit, flexible body -- on stage, in music videos, at galas -- and even to support First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign to fight childhood obesity. A new devotion to a vegan diet, an athletic regimen at the gym and hours of dance rehearsal keep Beyonce in tip-top shape, with thighs, glutes and abs to envy. Beyonce's flat stomach comes from hard work, ample hydration, commitment to clean eating and some genetic blessing.

A Vegan Diet for Beyonce

In 2015, Beyonce dropped extra pounds in part because of a vegan diet her trainer Marco Borges promoted in his book, "The 22 Day Revolution." Switching to plant foods and mostly shunning all meat, dairy, eggs and other animal products, helped Beyonce lose weight after her daughter's birth.

Breakfast includes foods such as whole-grain bread topped with avocado and red pepper flakes, almond butter on toast with berries, homemade granola and green smoothies. Lunch and dinner could consist of quinoa and beans, stewed lentils or a large green salad. Alcohol is also banned on her diet, and Beyonce also avoids soy and gluten.

Beyonce's Cardio Workouts

Beyonce is a performer, so dance rehearsal is a regular part of her weekly workout routine. She also includes intense bursts of activity during exercise such as jumping lunges, plie jumps, lateral bench hops and reverse-squat kicks.

Inserting such bursts of high-intensity work into a steady-state cardio routine, such as a brisk walk or light jog, is known as high-intensity interval training, which is more effective for fat loss than working out at an even pace, according to a paper published in 2011 in the journal Obesity. This helps you lose that layer of fat on your stomach so you can show off sculpted ab muscles.

A workout class based on Beyonce's dance moves and workout routine involves an hour of hip-hop cardio, complete with dance moves you'll see on music videos. Participating in a workout such as this helps you burn extra calories and slim down to reveal flatter abs.

Ab Moves Along With Total Body Strength

Staple core moves in Beyonce's workout routine include standing side crunches, during which you do a side bend, in which you bring your knee up to meet your elbow from a strong, standing position, explains Beyonce's trainer, Marco Borges, in an interview with Elle magazine. A full-body crunch with a medicine ball also makes a regular appearance in Beyonce's core training. Lie on your back and hold a medicine ball over your head. Crunch up into a v-sit, bringing the ball with you. Beginners may do the move without the weighted ball. Dance moves, such as hip circles, twerks and ab rolls, also train Beyonce's core.

Beyonce's enviable middle isn't a result of solely twists and crunches. She participates in total-body strength moves that help her stay lean and sculpted. Boxing-style punches while holding hand weights, glute bridges and forward lunges are also part of her routine.

A Flat Stomach and Other Body Expectations

Beyonce's body is endomorphic; it's curvy with full hips and a small waist. Not every woman has this type of figure and not every woman can expect to look like Beyonce. Following her workout and diet routine can help get you fit, but it won't guarantee you'll get her abs, butt or thighs. However, you will achieve the healthiest and fittest version of your physique.

Ultimately, a flat stomach comes from losing excess fat via exercise and a reduced-calorie eating plan. Minimizing foods that cause bloating, such as some artificial sweeteners and high-fiber vegetables, also helps.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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