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How to Treat a Tonsil Infection Naturally

Tonsillitis is characterized by redness, pain and swelling of the tonsils and throat. It can be caused by both viral and bacterial infections. Tonsillitis may be accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, aching of the muscles, chills, vomiting and lethargy. Although tonsillitis is often treated with antibiotics, it does not always respond; however, some natural remedies may be helpful in speeding recovery. Some natural remedies and herbs may produce side effects. Patients should always contact a doctor before starting any new treatments.

Gargle with warm salt water to relieve pain and inflammation from tonsillitis, writes the University of Maryland Medical Center 3. Mix 1/2 tsp. salt into a glass of warm water and allow the salt to dissolve. Gargle several times a day.

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Consume warm liquids such as soups to soothe the throat, says the University of Maryland Medical Center 3. Warm liquids may also be useful in breaking up sinus and chest congestion.

Using echinacea can boost the immune system and help clear the blood of toxins. Echinacea has been used to treat a variety of infectious diseases, according to U.S. Pharmacist, and has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years 1. Research indicates that echinacea can reduce the frequency of colds and flu, and reduce their severity, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center 3. In an article published in the Phytomedicine Journal in July 2010, results of a study investigating the efficacy of echinacea for anti-inflammatory properties indicated that the herb may be useful for controlling symptoms of bacterial upper respiratory infections 4. The recommended dose is 300 mg, three times per day. Echinacea is available in liquid extract that can be added to a warm drink or soup to avoid having to swallow a pill or capsule. Pregnant women or people on immunosuppressive drugs should not use it.

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Certain homeopathic remedies for tonsillitis may reduce symptoms as well as speed recovery, according to UMMC. Although there is no scientific evidence that these remedies are effective for tonsillitis, anecdotal evidence attests to the use of these remedies for potential relief from tonsil pain.

Hepar sulphuricum is indicated for stinging pains in the throat that feel like a needle sticking the tonsil. The pains may extend toward the ears. The patient may be chilly and feel exceptionally sensitive. The throat pain is made better by drinking warm drinks.

Mercurius solubilis is sometimes used for tonsil and throat pain accompanied by fever. The patient may be sweating profusely and have excess salivation. There may be indentations along the side of the tongue from the teeth and bad breath. Mercurius is also indicated in cases where there is pus on the tonsils.

Baryta carbonica is another remedy indicated for tonsillitis, according to the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy 2. This remedy may be helpful when the tonsils are extremely swollen and appear almost to touch one another. There may be pus on the tonsils, and the right tonsil may be more painful than the left. The individual may have concomitant swollen glands. The remedy is indicated for acute and chronic tonsillitis.


Homeopathic remedies are available over the counter or in health food stores. Because of the possibility of drug interactions, consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicines.


If symptoms persist or worsen after 24 hours, contact a doctor.