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How to Take Triphala Churna

Triphala churna is an East Indian herbal powder commonly used by Ayurvedic medicine practitioners for treating stomach ailments and for body detoxification 1. Triphala means three fruits. Tri -- three, and phala -- fruits. It is a combination of haritaki, malaki and vibhitaki. Ayurvedic physicians claim triphala churna can stimulate appetite, maintain blood sugar levels and improve skin color and tone. According to surgeon and Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr. Vinod Chandiramani, taking triphala churna can also help treat indigestion, constipation and gassiness and reduce the chances of getting hemorrhoids 2. You can consume triphala churna as a drink. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has not reviewed triphala for its efficacy or safety; use the herbal powder at your own risk.

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Fill an 8-ounce glass with warm milk. Use warm water if you are lactose intolerant.

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Cut a lemon and squeeze the juice of half of the lemon into the glass. Add 2 tablespoons of tripahla churna herbal powder and 1 tablespoon of honey. Stir well until the honey is dissolved and the powder is thoroughly mixed.

Consume triphula churna twice a day. Drink one glass of triphala churna mixture one to two hours before breakfast and another glass one hour before going to bed. It is best to not eat anything after your evening dose, as it works to clean the digestive system.

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Take triphala churna in capsule form if you don’t have time to make the liquid mixture. The recommended dosage is one 500-milligram capsule once a day. You can purchase triphala churna supplements at any large chain health food store or East Indian grocery store.


Consult your physician before taking herbal remedies.