How to Take Raw Sesame Oil

Raw sesame oil is different than the varieties you commonly see in the grocery store. It usually exhibits a pale yellow color because it is procured through cold pressing raw sesame seeds rather than toasted ones. This results in a less flavorful taste that is markedly less nutty than roasted sesame oils. The raw version is used as a dietary aid and is available in most health stores. It is intended to treat several health conditions — including high cholesterol, early cold and flu symptoms, and mouth and throat infections — although further research is needed. Due to the nature of this product, you should always consult your physician prior to use.

Rinse your mouth with raw sesame oil by swishing around 3 tbsp. for at least 5 minutes, Ramiel Nagel suggests in his book “Cure Tooth Decay.” If this seems like too long for one sitting, you can break up the time throughout the day, although doing it this way you must reach a total of at least 10 minutes. Raw sesame oil may pull toxins from the gum tissues and remove deeply-embedded debris. This technique is a common practice in ayurvedic and folk medicine.

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Pour raw sesame oil over fresh vegetables, fish or other foods. You may prefer raw sesame oil in lieu of the toasted version due to its uncompromised nutritional content. Sesame oil is an excellent source of vitamin E, which lowers cholesterol, and omega-6 fatty acids, which may help to regulate blood pressure, according to CBS This oil also contains magnesium, copper, iron, vitamin B6 and calcium. Dark green leafy vegetables also require a small amount of dietary fat for the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Substitute raw sesame oil for regular sesame oil if you are on a raw diet or would like to avoid processed foods. Many manufacturers will heat regular sesame oil at high temperatures, which can compromise and denature its nutritional content.

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Apply raw sesame oil to areas of the skin that are tense, in pain or stressed. Although scientific evidence is lacking, raw sesame oil may help to stimulate blood circulation, relieve stress and promote awareness, according to Harish Johari in his book “Ayurvedic Massage.” Raw sesame oil is a common ingredient in Indian massage therapy due to its aromatic scent and high vitamin E content, which helps to soften skin and may even slow aging.


Raw sesame oil can quickly go rancid, so keep your bottles tightly closed.

You should avoid cooking with sesame oil, as it has a low smoking point that can cause your food to taste bitter.


Raw sesame oil is still a fat that you should use sparingly in food to avoid unwanted weight gain.