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How to Stop Picking My Nose

Bad habits are hard to break, especially those that start in childhood. Many kids and older people frequently pick their nose and it's likely to cause social problems because it is viewed as a nasty habit. It can always be disadvantageous to your health.

Carry a tissue or handkerchief with you whenever you go out. Use it to dab or blow your nose when you get the urge to pick it. This will help you break the habit and is more sanitary than putting your fingers in your nose.

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Use a "trigger" to help you break your bad habit. The Kids Growth website recommends practicing the following several times to help you stop picking: Reach your finger to your nose but before you pick it, tell yourself "No!" and quickly put your hand back down in your lap 13.

Identify the situations in which you are most likely to pick your nose. Some people engage in the habit while driving, sitting in class or while watching TV. Once you know when you can expect to engage in the practice, you can more easily break it.

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Grow your fingernails out. The BBC recommends this strategy as a way to make the nose picking habit uncomfortable or even mildly painful so you learn to avoid it.

Clear your nostrils of mucous and debris every time you use the restroom. According to the website Caribarena Antigua, frequent cleaning of your nose will make you less likely to pick at it 3.

Drink lots of water daily. Staying hydrated will help keep your nose clear and moist so you are less likely to feel the need to pick it.

Put tape or a bandage on your nose-picking finger when you are alone at home 1. This will alert you any time you unconsciously begin to pick so you are more aware of your actions and can control them.

Replace your bad habit with a better one. Anxiety often causes nose picking so practice a relaxing method such as breathing deeply to replace it.


Wear gloves as often as possible because it makes it difficult to pick you nose. Eventually you will get used to not picking your nose even when not wearing the gloves.