How to Stop Gnats From Swarming Your Head

Gnats are small pesky flies that are found all over the nation both indoors and outdoors 1. They are attracted to odors, lights and moisture, and they make a high-pitched buzzing sound. There is a much larger population of gnats in warmer climates, and although they are a big annoyance, they only reach an average size of 1/8 inch. These insects are more annoying than dangerous, however they can carry disease and illness. Changing your daily hygienic routines can stop the gnats from swarming your head 1.

Wash your hair with a scent-free shampoo, or without any type of cleanser. Hair will hold odors for hours or even days, so be sure to stop using scented products before you will be outdoors. Some shampoos and conditioning products are specially designed and formulated to repel gnats.

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Avoid using scented skin care products on your face. This means avoiding facial cleansers, masks or moisturizers with strong odors. Many hypoallergenic formulas and products will not leave a scent on the skin. A dermatologist can also prescribe you a cleanser that has no scent if it's needed. This applies to makeup products as well.

Don't spray any cologne, perfume or body spray anywhere around your neck. Any products like this shouldn't be worn in areas that gnats are a nuisance. Be sure that there are no lingering scents from any clothing or hats that have been previously worn, or from jewelry such as earrings or necklaces that hang around the head and neck.

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Wash clothing in scent-free detergents. When putting on shirts, bras and other clothing items, you often must pull them over your head. This can place the odors of detergents and fabric softeners on your hair and skin. Even touching pants, underwear or socks with your hands and then rubbing your face or hair can leave odors on the hair and skin, attracting gnats.

Use an insect repellant on the clothing you wear, and also on your skin and in your hair. Many lotions contain insect repellant that will keep gnats away. Use a nontoxic spray in and under your hair and around your neck. Use the insect repellants only as directed for safety.


Burn candles with insect repellant in them. Place bug zappers in the air. Remove sitting water from outside or inside the home. Don't take inside plants outdoors and then bring them back inside.