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How to Remove Surgical Scars

It's normal to develop a scar after having surgery. However, surgical scars can be quite ugly and make you feel self-conscious about your body. There are ways to banish surgical scars for good, such as using topical creams or having them surgically removed. The extensiveness of your scar will determine the complexity of your treatment, but rest assured that you don't have to live with your surgical scars forever.

Use over-the-counter gels. Thoroughly wash your scar with a mild soap and warm water to soften the tissue. Dry the scar with a lint-free towel. Use a patting motion rather than rubbing to avoid skin irritation, then apply a scar gel to the scar. According to MedlinePlus, products like Mederma or silicone gels can protect your scar and improve the texture of the skin 1. They can also reduce discoloration and make the skin flatter so it blends more readily with the rest of your skin. Apply the gel daily until you see results.

How to Reduce the Appearance of Scarring

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Have a dermabrasion treatment. This resurfacing treatment involves a dermatologist using a wire brush to essentially sand off the top layer of your skin. This can help remove scar tissue that's hardened and allow softer tissue to show through. It can also reduce pigmentation issues like redness over the course of several treatments.

Have a laser treatment. A pulsed dye laser uses light to reduce the size of scars to make them flatter and to repair pigmentation. The treatment is non-invasive and you'll be entirely healed within a week. Several treatments are usually needed to gain the best results.


Do not start scar treatment until your incision has completely healed and you've received the go ahead from your doctor.