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How to Remove Surgery Scars on the Breast

If you have undergone some type of surgery on your breasts, including augmentation, reduction or mastectomy, you are likely to have some scarring from the procedure. The scars may appear on the underside of the breast, under the arm or around the nipple.How well your skin heals following the surgery will affect the severity of the scar. After the surgery is finished on your breasts and you have recovered, you can talk to your doctor about ways to remove these scars.

Use silicone gel scar treatments to help remove the scars caused by surgery on the breasts. You paint the silicone gel on the scar and leave the mixture on. Some silicone gel brand examples include ScarGuard and Scar Fade.

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Hydrate the scars with an ointment containing Allium cepa. This ingredient is extracted from onions and is said to reduce the redness and inflammation of scars. One brand of ointment is Mederma, which works by helping moisturize the scars.

Apply rosehip oil to the scar site of the breasts every evening before bed. Massage the oil into the breasts and wear loose clothing to allow it to penetrate the skin. After two to three months, it is likely you’ll see a difference in the scars and they may have faded dramatically.

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Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss options to remove the scars. You may be referred to a cosmetic dermatologist or a plastic surgeon 2. Injections of steroids may be considered to remove the scars on the breasts. Laser therapy can be done to use concentrated heat to get rid of the scar. The doctor may also recommend getting another surgery to perform an excision and remove the scars. She will discuss the benefits and risks of each option before setting up a procedure.