How to Remove Black Dots from Leg Hair Follicles

Dark spots in the hair follicles are most likely the result of dark pigmentation in the hair.The hairs are still visible after removal methods such as shaving and depilatory creams because these methods only remove the hair from the skin's surface 2. Whatever the reason, there are treatment methods to reduce and remove black hair follicles.

Opt for different hair removal methods that take the hairs out at the root 2. Waxing kits, sugaring kits, laser hair removal and IPL therapy are all hair removal methods that target the root as well 12. Waxing and sugaring kits are available over the counter, while laser and IPL therapies are available through your local dermatologist as an in-office procedure. Laser and IPL therapies are more expensive, however, the risk of hair breaking off below the surface is not an issue as with waxing and sugaring methods, reports the Hair Removal Journal 12.

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Wash your legs with an antibacterial soap and clean cloth twice daily. This will remove bacteria and dead skin cells that have or may block the follicles, causing widespread infection. Dry off with a towel after cleansing with a clean towel, and then launder, suggests CNN Health. Never reuse towels when dealing with folliculitis or other follicle infections, as the bacteria could spread to other areas of the body.

Use an electric razor for quick touch ups on hair removal instead of a regular disposable razor. Disposable razors can irritate the skin and worsen the spots on your legs. Applying an aftershave lotion will help prevent further skin irritation as well, reports CNN Health.

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Opt for electrolysis to deaden the hair follicles and stop hair growth. Electrolysis involves inserting a tiny needle-like probe into each individual follicle, and delivering a small burst of electricity. This method can be painful and tedious, however, results are long-lasting and will prompt the follicles to become smaller.