How to Reduce Scar Tissue From a Hamstring

You suffered a hamstring injury from your last workout, and it has developed into scar tissue. The scar tissue is characterized bundles of fibrous connective tissue as a result of your body’s natural healing process. However, scar tissue can limit range of motion and reduce performance in strength and running ability. You can use various treatment options to reduce the scar tissue from a hamstring while regaining range of motion, function, strength and performance.

Apply an ice pack to the scar tissue for about 10 minutes to bring blood away from the area. Taking the blood away from the scar tissue reduces the amount of pain while working to reduce the scar tissue.

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Use a foam roller for self-myofascial release for about 15 minutes after workouts. Apply as much pressure as you can stand to break up the scar tissue and reduce the adhesions in the hamstring. You can use the foam roller in combination with your workout routine and perform the routine on a daily basis to continually reduce the scar tissue.

Talk to a physical therapist or athletic trainer about receiving ultrasound on your hamstring. The ultrasound provides a deep massage that increases the collagen tissue in the muscles and increases circulation to reduce scar tissue 2.

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Schedule a deep tissue massage with a certified massage therapist. Similar to the foam roller and ultrasound, massage helps to break up the adhesions and scar tissue within the hamstring 2. Creams, lotions and oils can penetrate into the muscle to enhance the effectiveness of the massage.

Perform a routine stretching and range of motion program after all of the scar tissue has been removed. These exercises help to regain the function and performance of the hamstring, but can influence additional scar tissue if you perform the exercises while scar tissue is still present in the muscle.

Apply heat to the scar tissue for about 20 to 30 minutes after treatment. The heat increases blood flow to the hamstring that promotes additional healing.